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Secret Seismic Testing
It looks like the National Marine Fisheries Service has approved permits to let five global corporations each conduct their own secret seismic testing that will injure and kill marine mammals in the council's jurisdiction. Studies show that these tests also have significant negative impacts on other marine life including the fish we catch. NOAA and/or BOEM should publicly map our offshore oil and gas deposits once using the safest technology available. I am asking the SAFMC to publicly push for this as a reasonable alternative to repeated rounds of secret seismic testing. 

Our vision for healthy fisheries should include responsible exploration of other public resources. It seems obvious that one public mapping of our public resources by the managing agencies would be better than repeated rounds of secret seismic testing by global corporations. Public knowledge of what resources we have offshore will help citizens make informed decisions about if extracting those resources is worth the risk. Who should I contact to personally ask for one public mapping?

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