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Coast Guard App
The Coast Guard should use your mobile app so they will know what the rules are when boarding boats. We were detained in a dangerous area along Cape Lookout shoals because they didn't get the memo that Red Snapper season was open. We were fortunate that our cell signal was good enough to pull up the opening proclamation. They were going to detain us until there was proof we were not guilty of any crime. This potentially dangerous military incident bordered on violating posse comitatus as well as our civil and constitutional rights. A valid CG dockside exam sticker should be good enough to show that we are in compliance with all safety rules and fish should be randomly checked by local LEOs. We have been boarded twice and approached by a boarding party two more times in the past few months. We work long hours during short periods of good weather and any delay cuts into our income. It is especially aggravating that navigational lights in the inlet where not working for weeks even as we were being repeatedly detained.

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