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A Vision For Our Fishery
My vision for our snapper/grouper fishery starts with properly managing quotas for each species using appropriate possession limits and/or bycatch allowances to avoid extended closures and excessive discards. We should try to make regulatory discards rare while taking steps to help released fish survive by using tools like dehookers to avoid handling them more than necessary and descending devices to ensure bloated fish swim home. The next step should be to focus on enhancing our fisheries and food supply by stocking native seafood and creating more artificial reef habitat. Hatcheries and habitat enhancements can sustainably create more seafood and recreational opportunity in an environmentally friendly way. Wise use of these proven management tools would be the perfect blend of open-water aquaculture and wild-caught seafood that lives free and self-sufficient until harvested. We can make our fishery a successful and sustainable model that other fishermen and fishery managers around the globe will want to follow.   

I will go into greater detail about how we can achieve these goals and touch on other fishery related issues in future posts.

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